Here at Martin’s, we stock several different brands of feed to help satisfy and meet your horse’s nutritional needs.  From the needs of a pasture horse to those of a racing steed or work horse, Martin’s carries the highest quality feeds to ensure your equine’s  health and vitality.  For the horses that have specific nutritional needs, we can make sure your senior horse, your colt and your horse with dietary restrictions are all well-fed and healthy.

Some of the feeds we carry include:

    • Purina

      • Honor® Show Feed

      • Omolene Series (100, 200, 300)

      • Strategy

      • Horseman’s Edge

      • Ultium

      • Equine Family

      • Nature’s Essentials

      • WellSolve

    • M-G

      • Ranchers/Pride

      • Horsemans Choice

      • Allstock

    • Livengood

We also stock an extensive selection of supplements, vitamins and equine care products to keep your horse looking and feeling great.