Wild & Exotic Birds

The Rio Grande Valley is one of the best places in the world for bird watching; you can even bird watch in your own backyard!  To attract wild birds migrating through our neck of the woods, come and check out our line of feed to help nourish them on their long journeys south.

Some of the feeds we carry include:

    • Purina

      • Wild Bird Chow® BirdLuver’s Blend™

      • Wild Bird Chow® Regional Recipe™

      • Wild Bird Chow® Black Oil Sunflower

      • Wild Bird Chow® Grey Striped Sunflower

    • Safflower

      Let Martin’s help you choose a wild bird feed to make your backyard an oasis for colorful winged companions.  Or do you have a cockatiel, finch, parrot or parakeet? We’ve got delicious fare for them, too!